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NetNinja is a small, easy-to-use WiFi hotspot that encrypts your internet.

It supports both VPN and TOR.

Why Use a NetNinja?

NetNinja has a variety of use cases.

Secure your Internet

With NetNinja no one can get hold of your identity, location or IP. Not even us. Become truly anonymous on the web, and avoid government surveillance, identity thieves and other bad guys.

Watch global TV

HBO, Netflix, Hulu, BBC… it doesn't matter where you are in the world, you'll be able to tune into them all. Stream millions of channels from the comfort of your couch, without interruption.

Encrypt your activity

Hackers routinely steal online identities and precious files, especially from people using free WiFi. Secure your passwords, credit card details and documents with strong encryption, and lock them out.

Circumvent censorship

Some countries impose restrictions on what you can say and do on the web. NetNinja gives you back the right to speak freely, and lets you access popular sites that may be blocked where you live.

Feel the simplicity

NetNinja is extremely simple to install. It is as simple as plugging it in and setting your wifi password - You'll be up and running in minutes!


NetNinja uses open-source software built on open-source hardware.





Operating system

Debian Wheezy


System Architecture/Processor

ARM11 800 MHz processor


Memory (RAM)

512 MB






Height: 3.37 inches ( 5.54 inches)

Width: 2.13 inches( 2.85 inches)

Curve: 0.67 inches ( 0.15- 0.39 inches)



1.59 ounces



5V, 2500mA, 3.0W 60Hz



Ethernet and 802.11a/b/g (WiFi)



10/100 MBbit/s (8P8C)


Wi-Fi Client

802.11a/g/b/n 150Mbit/s

Supports 64/128 Bit WEP, WPA, and WPA2


Wi-Fi Hotspot

802.11a/b/g 150Mbit/s

WPA2 Encrypted Hotspot







**Colors, materials and availability vary by availability.



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